Review: “Watchmen” – Alan Moore – Dave Gibbons

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
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S3E3B – Watchmen (book)*


One of the best shows we have recorded in my humble opinion so don’t miss this one and tell your friends and family to check it out—especially if they are not really into comic books. This time we were compelled to go longer than our usual time allotted for our new format, but it seemed necessary given the epic we covered. There was a lot to cover in this hour and we got big contributions from my old friend, Quinn Bayola. Quinn earned the respected rank of captain of the famous (and fearless) Bravo Company at Culver Military Academy when him and I were seniors there and currently has his own show called “The ThisQ Podcast.” Check it out on iTunes, Spreaker or other podcast venues. His podcast has a chill vibe and provides unique perspective on pop culture and… professional wrestling, no kidding.



Ryan: 5 Stars “…Unbounded artistic genius, bubbling with the bottomless, murky depths of complex allusions…

Wilk: 5 Stars “…Excellent and genre shifting story telling. It has set the tone for many works since it was published…

Rick: 4 1/2 Stars “…You will not want to ignore this masterpiece, even if you are not a fan of comics…

Quinn Bayola (guest): 5 Stars “…easily five its a great work of art…it inspires you to look through…national history and world history…that’s what great art does…

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In the show Wilk mentioned Artist Dave Gibbons’ work for famed classic rock group Jethro Tull on “Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die!”





We talked about some early comics that were the inspiration of the characters that eventually became the Watchmen.







Also mentioned on the show:


Sega Genesis’ Altered Beast

Dirty Harry’s Scorpio

G.I. Joe’s Destro








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