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No Deodorant in Outer Space

a podcast reviewing literature and movies in classic and contemporary science fiction, fantasy and related genres

Podcast Logo - Deodorant10 (long form)We review “tie-in” books and movies. Once a month we pick a book that has been turned into a movie, read the book, watch the movie, and then get together to record and discuss. Rather than review a slew of books or the latest movie releases, we try to get more in depth with our reviews. We also give a little background about the authors and directors to give some further perspective to the work at hand.

Most of the hosts met in college (some even before that) and have maintained a similar interest in books and movies. So one day we decided to share our common experience with the world. Was this a mistake? Probably. Will we regret it? Seems likely. Will our friendships suffer horribly? Guaranteed.

But in the process you’ll get to hear our witty jabs and underhanded potshots as we make personal attacks against each others’ opinions, in only the most awful way that close friends can. Oh yeah, there’s bound to be drinking involved.

Why the title? This is based on the actual first recorded human-made speech broadcast in outer space (the honor of the first broadcast being held by a pair of chimps). Prior to cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s famed voyage in 1961 a lesser known astronaut made a brief journey beyond the stratosphere breaching into what is commonly known as “outer space.” He didn’t complete a full orbit around the planet like Mr. Gagarin, though to be fair that was never the intention (more of a touch the sky and return kind of deal).  Apparently the ship’s shielding was not quite up to snuff and he was significantly overheated by the time he broke through. When the moment of triumph was at hand, the gentleman was actually distracted by some sensor or other and instead of announcing the prepared line he’d written down beforehand he instead muttered, “[Whew] My pits are ripe , I guess there’s no deodorant in outer space. Where’s the gosh damn compass on this thing? Hello? Can you people hear me or what?” Needless to say, the event was a PR nightmare, so the astronaut’s flight was checked off as a technical accomplishment and then buried under a stack of papers.

You can’t escape body odor in space. Neither can you escape bad writing and bad directing. Listen well as your podcast hosts tell you exactly how to think about the subjects we review. Or at least, listen with bemused entertainment and slight annoyance as we insult your intelligence.

*** * ***

*Warning Explicit Content: This show is marked “explicit” on iTunes. While we strive to have a high-brow, well-reasoned and adult discussion about the finer nuances of the subjects spoken about, we are severely limited by our own immaturity and all around idiocy. Content can be offensive at times to more sensitive listeners and is not recommended for long-family road trips, while dropping your kids off at school, or while brushing your teeth (flossing may be okay).

** NOTE: The podcast went on hiatus again after season four. The Show Schedule Page is a chronological list of all the episodes. For clickable links to most episode pages on the NDIOS website where you can read “Show Notes” and “Fun Factoids” please search the Archive Index Page.

  1. Where can I send a press kit for “Kevin J Anderson Presents” EMPIRE’S RIFT by Steve Rzasa?

    • Really really sorry, we never got back to you on this. Also, you may note that we have now officially announced that our podcast terminated at the end of season three. That said, it Looks like the Kickstarter campaign for this project (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/takamo/kevin-j-anderson-presents-empires-rift-by-steve-rz) was a success so congratulations on that and best of luck for the future!

      • Randall Ritnour says:

        No worries. Sorry to hear that you’ve closed the podcast.

        *Randy Ritnour* Design Lead Takamo Universe http://www.takamouniverse.com Kgruppe LLC

        On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 1:21 PM, No Deodorant In Outer Space – podcast wrote:

        > Ryan Sean O’Reilly commented: “Really really sorry, we never got back to > you on this. Also, you may note that we have now officially announced that > our podcast terminated at the end of season three. Hope the promotion was a > success and best of luck!” >

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