S3E5M – The Lair of the White Worm (movie)*


The Lair of the White Worm film far exceeded the book. It was also a farcical incoherent mess of a film that was fantastic. Of course two out of the three co-hosts did not understand this and ruined not only their own experience, but those of anyone listening to the podcast (and possible people in the near vicinity that could absorb their negative energy).

Like all great films from the 20th century this starts with a man named Angus finding a skull. This of course leads to human sacrifice, an artificial phallus, an orgy, nudity, murder, the opening of hell, and a giant white worm who may or may not have a lair.

The movie is provocative and high camp at the same time. It is best enjoyed while on a sinking boat or LSD, but not at the same time. The Director was renowned for pushing the envelope in documentary and feature film genres, with most of his notable work taking place in the 1970s. He is known as Ken Russell to some, Uncle Kenny to others.


While this film itself is not an arthouse darling it is unapologetically bold and entertaining. Also, lots of nudity. If anything, this is an excuse to watch other Ken Russell movies, including one of this writer’s favorites, “Tommy.”


Until next time, cover yourself in Vaseline, because there is no deodorant (and scant lubricant) in outer space!




Film: “The Lair of the White Worm (1988)” by Ken Russell (Amanda Donohoe)

Ryan: 3 Stars “…I sort of expected more, given the things I learned about Ken Russell…”

Wilk: 4 Stars “…it’s not art, it’s just a fun, exploitative, over-the-top movie…”

Rick: 1 1/2 Stars “…I just wish [Ken Russell] would make [sic] more of a satirical view on the upper classes as Stoker did…”


*** * ***



On the show we mentioned that director Ken Russell is also well known for being the director of the film version of The Who’s famous rock opera “Tommy.” This led to a follow up film collaboration with Roger Daltrey (the singer from The Who) about the classical composer Franz Liszt in a documentary titled “Lisztomania.”

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