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S3E11M – The Devil Rides Out (movie)*

*** This episode was also filmed live in High Definition with the help of our special guest, Dole. So if you wish to see the fireplace crackling in the background and watch us slog down make-shift snifters of dark craft brewery while Wilk rants on a tiny monitor via Skype–click the video below or visit our YouTube channel (Please note that the battery cut out for the last segment of the show, but the audio feed continues on unabated).***



An NDIOS breakfast gathering!

Wilk, Ryan and Rick

Wilk, Rick and Ryan

Wilk, Rick and Ryan

A hampered production that almost didn’t happen. A twisted tale of darkness, Satanism, and violence. All of these things were present in the recording of the movie episode this month. An impossible to find movie, one that forced Wilk to fall back into the darknet, in an effort to bring this satanic celluloid to the service… We watched “The Devil Rides out,” so you don’t have to. The crew thought it was great…and it was. Clearly a movie that highlighted the golden era of horror, made by Hammer Studios and dumped unwittingly on the American Public, we allowed it to be dumped by us. It was faithful to the book, as much as it could be. Richard Matheson, author of show favorite “I Am Legend” was the screenwriter and adapter. It was over the top, screaming, hellbound horror. I believe the reviews ranged from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. And we all felt that if you can find it, you should watch it. So, until next time, bring the Talisman of Set and set it to shimmer and shine, because there is no deodorant in outer space!

– Wilk


Book: “The Devil Rides Out (1968)” by Terence Fisher (Christopher Lee)

Ryan: 4 Stars “…it was a fun, rompy, B-movie ride…”

Wilk: 4 Stars “…It’s a four star culty movie from the sixties…it’s fun to watch if you can find it…”

Rick: 3 Stars “…only because it’s like an older movie, I don’t have any resonance with older movies…I tend to fall asleep with all older movies…”

Dole (special guest): 5 Stars “…This is a great film…the color, the ambiance, Christopher Lee just rock’n it man–he’s got so much attitude you just can’t stop listening to him…”




misfits_-_static_age_coverSpecial guest, John Doyle (a/k/a Dole), is also in a metal band called, “I Decline.” Find their music on iTunes and their website: During the recording the group made reference to the legendary hardcore punk album album “Static Age” by the Misfits. John’s band used to cover one of the songs that was originally from this album. Here’s a link that song “Bullet” on YouTube:


Lastly, Wilk and his wife Laura Valle started a true crime podcast called, “How to Avoid Murder …and other awkward situations.” Wilk mentioned visiting some historical murder sites during a recent trip to Illinois as part of research for his show. You can catch episodes by them on iTunes and their website.

The website for their podcast is: You can also find it on iTunes here:


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