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S1E8 – Going Postal (book/movie)*


Ryan: 5 Stars “…You will not Return this Book to Sender—because it’s hilarious and awesome…

Wilk: 5 Stars “…All in all it was a pleasant quick read.. It was a bubble bath. It has it’s place but I won’t be in one often...”

Rick: 5 Stars “…If you do not like this book you may want to start paying attention to stuff…

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“Going Postal (Discworld)” by Terry Pratchett

Book: “Going Postal (Discworld)” by Terry Pratchett

“Suddenly, condemned arch-swindler Moist von Lipwig found himself with a noose around his neck and dropping through a trapdoor into … a government job?

By all rights, Moist should be meeting his maker rather than being offered a position as Postmaster by Lord Vetinari, supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork. Getting the moribund Postal Service up and running again, however, may prove an impossible task, what with literally mountains of decades-old undelivered mail clogging every nook and cranny of the broken-down post office. Worse still, Moist could swear the mail is talking to him. Worst of all, it means taking on the gargantuan, greedy Grand Trunk clacks communication monopoly and its bloodthirsty piratical headman. But if the bold and undoable are what’s called for, Moist’s the man for the job — to move the mail, continue breathing, get the girl, and specially deliver that invaluable commodity that every being, human or otherwise, requires: hope.” (from


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“Going Postal” by Jon Jones (Richard Coyle)


Movie: “Going Postal” by Jon Jones (Richard Coyle)

“Moist von Lipwig (Richard Coyle, A Good Year) is a conman and a charlatan–and he loves every minute of it. When the law finally catches up to him, he is given a choice: take over the derelict postoffice…or suffer a painful death.” (from



This month the gang discussed “Going Postal.” Written by Terry Pratchett, this book is one of many in the Discworld series. It was very well written and hilarious. Unfortunately, the book did nothing to ease the mounting fears of our own mortality

As we discussed the book, our thoughts began to wander toward how our own lives would come to an end. When we lose consciousness and cease to be in this world. The idea of a heaven does not seem realistic. The thought of hell is a horror that permeates every second of our existence. The best we can hope for after this existence comes to an end; is a bleak nothingness. The promise of nothing is all we can aspire to, and perhaps more than what we deserve.

There was a movie or mini series based on the novel. It had the production levels of Dr. Who, which is to say “low.” If you could get past that, it was decent but ultimately not necessary. The story was best in written form. Not that it matters. When we are all buried beneath the earth will this story rattle around in our empty skulls? Not unless it’s a maggot.

The consensus of the group was that the writer, Terry Pratchett, is a gifted writer, perhaps a genius, but this will not save him from death. In the end, he will be in the exact same place as the illiterate chimney sweep huffing paint in a dark alley around from the crematorium that incinerates Mr. Pratchett’s body. Perhaps he will be remembered. Perhaps not. What difference does it make?

So remember, until next time, do not douse yourself in formaldehyde, because there is no deodorant in outer space!* 

– Wilk


Check out an interesting article at io9 on how to read Terry Prachett’s many discworld book (groupings and orders) with a cool diagram here:



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