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S3E8M – Hellraiser (movie)*


Four men and one brave women gathered to discuss the film “Hellraiser” (and possibly play Hungry Hungry Hippos). In a freakish act of pleasantness everyone more or less agreed that the movie was enjoyable and worth watching.

The group discussed how the major flaw with the movie was that it did not explain the motivations of the central characters. However, it did bring forth vivid imagery that created one of the most everlasting horror icons, “Pinhead.” Overall, the differences, strengths and weaknesses of the movie compared to the book were discussed. Of particular interest was the production and effects of the movie, which the entire group found worthy of admiration.

While there was some trademark filibustering and ignoring the discussion remained oddly civil. We look forward to seeing you next time, in whatever dimension you summon us to. So remember, when you open your puzzle box, sprinkle some baby powder over it—because there is no deodorant in outer space (and there is even less in Hell)!



Movie: “Hellraiser (1987)” by Clive Barker (Ashley Laurence)

Ryan: 4 Stars “…I don’t think it’s perfect, but I do think it’s better than the book…”

Wilk:  4 1/2 Stars “…it’s not Jaws, but its a very good movie…”

Rick: 5 Stars “…just because it’s one of a kind and nothing like this has ever been done before in the history of movie making…”

Laura (guest): 4 3/4 Stars “…it could have been better, but at the same time it’s just such a classic it’s hard to not give it 5 stars…”

Beam (guest): 5 Stars “…I f***ing love Clive Barker, I always have…”

*** * ***



The hosts on this episode metioned an old interview with Clive Barker from 1987 which took place after the Hungerford Massacre in the UK. During this TV program called “Open to Question,” the author is put to questions by college kids grilling him about violence in horror films:

The real stars of this film were the Cenobites. We discussed this gruesome group to great length during the episode and even mentioned that one the monsters has a freeze framer error where wheels can be seen during the video. This website article by Jack Incongruente has the pictures and animated gifs of that error here:

We also discussed the book art that Clive Barker painted to go with the standalone version of this novella. The artwork can be viewed two ways:



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S3E8B – The Hellbound Heart (book)*


Prior to this recording, Ryan, Beam, and I danced and frolicked in a pentagram of fire deep in the Illinois woods with aching hopes to summon the Cenobite priests from the netherworld.

Ryan, Beam, Wilk & Rick

With eyes rolled back, Ryan drooled on our sacrifice as he mumbled sacred text from ancient alien scripts. At the conclusion of Ryan’s prayer, Beam pulled a lever actuating tension to the hooks surgically fastened deep within the creature.

Laura & Wilk

The moment the animal was devoured, we felt the presence of Wilk and Laura and commenced to record a podcast about Clive Barker’s “Hellbound Heart” that transformed and enhanced our Earthly senses and perspectives.



Book: “The Hellbound Heart (1986)” by Clive Barker

Ryan: 3 1/2 Stars “… A carnal visage of thrill-based plotting that is both fast and to the point…that being the tip of a meat hook…

Wilk:  4 Stars “…There is really no reason not to read this book. It’s very accessible, it’s a quick read, and it’s overall enjoyable…

Rick: 2 Stars “…Not a real horror tale because it is corrupted with righteous vindictive retribution…

Laura (guest): 4 Stars “…The characters…they don’t go into a lot of detail, but it’s scary, it’s haunting, it gives me the heebie jeebies…”

Beam (guest): 4 Stars “…I think he was still learning how to write at that time and he kept it really short, but there is a lot of depth there…

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abaratOn the show Rick talked about Clive Barker’s brief foray into the world of Disney. The two entered into an option agreement for a young adult fantasy series titled “Abarat.” Check out this article by Witney Seibold, “Clive Barker’s ABARAT: The Epic Disney Movie that Never Was” found here: We also mentioned a recent podcast interview with Clive Barker where he discussed going into a coma after contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome. That interview was conducted by Chris Hardwick for the Nerdist Podcast and can be found here: Another great recent podcast interview with the author was conducted by David Barr Kirtley for Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy here:

leo-valentinClive Barker cites the death of famous skydiver, Leo Valentin, as having an affect on his life. Valentin was a modern “birdman” who fashioned wings for himself in an effort to create human flight, which ultimately ended in his own demise. Barker has stated that when he was very young he watched the performance which led to Valentin’s death. Later in Barker’s life, Valentin inspired some of the author’s stories.


The infamous stars of this book (and later the movie “Hellraiser”) might be the actual villains, the Cenobites. Much discussion was had on this episode about the motivations of these other-worldly beings and their motivations. The hosts and guests compared the seemingly savage disinterest of these unique baddies to that of wild animals (sharks and bears). During the podcast Ryan recalled an interview of director Werner Herzog who discussed the bears that were the real-life subjects of his documentary film “The Grizzly Man“. That interview was by Marc Maron for his podcast WTF:

Lastly, Wilk mentioned Clive Barker answered questions on (like the scariest book he ever read) which can be found here:


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S3E8P – Preview Episode (Hellbound Heart)*


Book: “The Hellbound Heart (1986)” by Clive Barker

“Frank Cotton’s insatiable appetite for the dark pleasures of pain led him to the puzzle of Lemarchand’s box, and from there, to a death only a sick-minded soul could invent. But his brother’s love-crazed wife, Julia, has discovered a way to bring Frank back—though the price will be bloody and terrible . . . and there will certainly be hell to pay.” (from

*** * ***

Film: “Hellraiser (1987)” by Clive Barker (Ashley Laurence)

“From horror master Clive Barker comes this chilling nightmare featuring the first appearance of the hideous, demonic Pinhead. When Kirsty Cotton’s family moves into their ancestral home, they are terrorized by the resurrected corpse of her uncle, who requires the flesh of murdered innocent victims in order to become whole and alive again.” (from

* DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the views and opinions of the hosts and guests of NDIOS are completely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of the other hosts and guests or that of NDIOS.