Review: “Stepford Wives” – Ira Levin

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Ira Levin
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S3E1B – Stepford Wives (book)*


So, we read the Desperate House Wives rip-off “The Stepford Wives.” It was quite the book. Full of words, pages, more words, and some taco sauce. My sauce was mild. The book was anything but. I kept picturing Teri Hatcher as I read this book—that was so clearly inspired from her early 2000’s ABC hit television show. I’m surprised no one has sued the author for taking the characters from this TV show and basically writing fan fiction about them. However, as fan fiction goes, it is excellent.

The book was written by Ira Levin. Ira is a person, not a tax deferred account. That was the first of many twists in this book.

Two-Thirds of the hosts, including the one with the most, liked the book a lot. One of the hosts did not like it as much. No personal attacks or threats were made. So, I guess we are growing.

The general consensus was that this book had strong themes of feminism, horror, and suspense. A short and concise read, all of the hosts recommended it. So, read it already.

Later there was talk of tea and crumpets, to be followed by cheese steak and a pistol deal. No one objected to the cheese steaks. Sadly, the cheese steaks never came.

If you like tightly written suspense novels that fall into the horror and science fiction genre, this book is for you. You can watch Desperate Housewives on Amazon.




Stepford Wives (book)Ryan: 4 Stars “…A chilling tale of horror that descends into madness one step at time…

Wilk: 5 Stars “…It does not have a wasted word and it will leave you chilled days, weeks, years after you read the final horrifying page…

Rick: 3 Stars “…Every married women’s nightmare comes like a freight train chugging at 5 miles an hour…

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Ira Levin was a playwright as well as a novelist. He had some success early on by adapting the book “No Time For Sergeants” by Mac Hyman. The play was eventually turned into a movie in 1958, which launched the career of Andy Griffith. Check out this clip featuring Andy Griffith and future co-star Don Knotts:

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